Friday, September 19, 2014

Design Workshop's Visit to CSU

The considerate and balanced approach of Design Workshop, Inc. was evident in the talk Aspen office colleagues Mike Tunte and Jay Courtney gave to landscape architecture students on September 12th at Colorado State University. Discussing projects as far away as China and as close as Denver, the team focused on urban design work. One important lesson: set a framework for things to take place in an urban environment. If you try to control every aspect of urban typologies, you’ll wipe out the life blood of the city.

Design Workshop’s framework for design balances the environment, economics, art, and the community, and the success of their framework resounds in places of true value. Students admired the ideas and graphics as the two went through the process of their projects. When collaborating with other firms or government agencies, Tunte offered some more advice: fight for your idea!

The Aspen office is offering a winter break internship – check out the Design Workshop website (www.designworkshop.com) to learn more.